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on: January 06, 2020, 01:05:55 pm

Server Information:
Server name:Funvice Deathmatch Server
Server IP:

Funvice was released in 07/24/2018 at version 0.1 BETA. The server has evolved since then. It was firstly released as a Minigame and TDM server. The old script contained many bugs, so we had to script a new version, thats when we created FunVice Deathmatch version 0.1. The server is a DM server and it also has an optional roleplay gamemode. Special thanks goes to the team that has been working for the server. MindFree was one of the first admins that we had in the server. Fanta used to design map markers for the old server version and logos for the server since it was created. Rainbow(Emma) the only scripter that helped in the making of the server. Kelvin joined the staff since 2018 and has been helping the server since then. We are still keeping the server updated with new releases. All we care about is that FunVice players can have fun in the server that's why we always look up to your suggestions, and we try to implement the best ones into the server.

Server Features:

Pure Deathmatch:
We all love pure deathmatch.The server has been defined as a pure deathmatch server.Many of the VC:MP players take interest in deathmatch.Thus,we have improved the deathmatch experience and will be improving.We'll appreciate if you guys come to our server to pay a look.

If you don't like deathmatch then you can choose roleplay mode to earn money not only by kdeathmatch.Server is basically showed as deathmatch server but inside the server,there are two modes 'Roleplay and Deathmatch".The people who want to chill in a roleplay server can whether choose the gamemode to "Roleplay" by using /gamemode.

Inside the roleplay mode,you'll find the properties to buy.You can buy prop and share to your friends.However,the properties doesn't cost high at all.If you want to buy a high priced property then you can earn money by many waays.There's also a command /weekgift which can be used every monday.This command gives you random money near 100k.So don't  wait,go and save your props! ;)

If you are not very good in deathmatch or want to earn money then you choose the gamemode "Roleplay" by /gamemode.Many types of jobs like /trashman and paramedic etc.. have been implemented to earn money in roleplay world too.


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